JFTS Metabolic Functional Strength Training Classes

Jason’s Functional Training Studio classes run in forty-minute increments and are strategically scheduled throughout the day to allow for space in your schedule.   Every single class is supervised by a certified Personal Trainer who will not only demonstrate and explain all exercises for the class, but will also provide the necessary modifications to fit YOUR activity level.  We are confident in the difference our classes will make in your journey because of the incorporation of these three tried-and-true fitness principles in every routine:

Metabolic Training

Metabolic Training burns fat while simultaneously providing a significant after-burn effect. This means you will burn calories and fat at a higher rate EVEN AFTER your workout is finished.

Functional Training

Implementing functional exercises and programs boost your body's functional strength by increasing overall flexibility and coordination. As your range of motion is enhanced, you'll find day-to-day activities become easier.

Strength Training

The benefits of strength training are numerous. Beyond added muscle strength and toning, it protects joints from injury, helps with maintaining flexibility and balance, and increases your muscle-to-fat ratio. This is vital, as more muscle allows for your body to burn fat at a much more efficient rate.

With just a few classes each week, we can help you get stronger, look better, and FEEL better. 

Welcome to the JFTS family.  Real People...Real Results!


All payments shown are BI-WEEKLY installments.

All prices include HST.

3 Month Option

  • Access to 164  classes each month
  • Discounts on semi-private training


6 Month Option

  • Access to 164 classes each month
  • Discounts on semi-private training


12 Month Option

  • Access to  164 classes each month
  • Discounts on semi-private training
  • Discounts on challenges
  • Weigh-ins /check ins
  • full body measurements
  • Discounts on all speciality programs
  • Rates are grandfathered 
  •  30 minute nutrition consult with 1 meal plan


Class Schedule

Monday, ​Wednesday & Friday

1.  6:30 AM

2.  7:30 AM

3.  9:30 AM ( Mondays Only)

4.  12:15 PM

5.  1:15 PM

6.  4:30 PM

7.  5:15 PM

8.  6:00 PM

9.  6:45 PM


 Tuesday & Thursday

1.  6:30 AM

2.  9:30 AM

3.  12:15 PM

4.  1:15 PM

5.  5:15 PM

6.  6:00 PM

7.  6:45 PM


1.  9:00 AM

2.  9:45 AM

What our members are saying

I am not one to like exercise and I hate gyms, but JFTS makes it fun and the workouts go by so fast. For anyone who really doesn't like to exercise, the feeling of accomplishment and pride you feel after each workout is totally worth it! The coaches push you just enough. I started out not being able to do a single push up, and within the first two weeks I was doing them without assistance. The family friendly atmosphere keeps you going back and missing it when you are gone :). Hands down my best "gym" experience!

Jessica - JFTS Member